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Dedicated Fleets

Outsource your Fleet to North Trans Logistics

Our start as a Canadian dedicated fleet has equipped us well to use these same abilities to handle your private fleet needs. Do you want to focus your attention and resources on just-in-time deliveries, personnel issues, equipment maintenance, insurance, scheduling, and capital expenses for trucks, trailers, and shunting equipment? What we do is fleet management. We do it well because it’s who we are.

It Is A Functional Model

By outsourcing to North Trans Logistics, you may increase the effectiveness of your supply chain. It is measurable by us. We are capable of handling it, and ultimately, we can outperform you in terms of cost. Your message is still branded on your trailers. Also, we may frequently make arrangements to assume control of the workforce and equipment that is currently in place. We can lower expenses, increase efficiency, and make your life simpler. It’s a market trend that you should think about, and we hope that you will think about working with the knowledgeable staff at North Trans Logistics to find out how easy it is to switch to the dedicated fleet model.