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What Does North Trans Logistics Do For You?

To put it briefly, North Trans Logistics is your one-stop shop for all ground transportation needs throughout the US and Canada. North Trans Logistics is your one-stop shop for integrated transportation services, whether your load needs a dry van or sensitive climate control, is going to be delivered by truck or intermodal, needs to get to a remote site or is a little LTL parcel that needs to be here 'yesterday', or any combination of these. There, we go! You can purchase any of our services as a full truckload, less than truckload, live load, drop trailer or numerous stops. See the information below about our services. As an alternative, feel free to ask any queries you may have of a member of our team.

North Trans Logistics

Our Solution Services

Specialized Services

Are you trying to find a dependable transportation provider to operate your business's gears without interruptions? You've located it. North Trans Logistics is open to new dedicated lane options and has a long history of delighted clients, with a 99.6% on-time delivery rate. Are you in need of a one-time service? There, too, we've got you covered.

Service Area

North Trans Logistics has the advantage of being positioned to be your mainstream transit option, offering service to both the continental US and Canada! Additionally, our skilled crew can manage both your domestic and international shipments because we have local divisions and drivers in both the USA and Canada.

Intermodal Services

North Trans Logistics is prepared to help when more than a vehicle is needed to get your cargo to its destination! Our intermodal service expands our reach to include rail, cargo ships, and other areas as part of our dedication to becoming your transportation solution!

Refrigerated Division

North Trans Logistics is your first choice for any refrigerated transport service needs because it is a fundamental component of our company. Your load’s temperature settings are guaranteed for the duration of the voyage with our fleet of more than 150 constantly inspected climate-controlled food-grade trailers. Any temperature problems are promptly reported to our office staff via our active remote monitoring alarm system, which allows them to warn the driver and even modify the environment right from their desk. We're prepared to handle your consignment with the utmost care, whether it contains fresh vegetables, frozen meats, pharmaceuticals, fresh botanicals, or any other temperature-sensitive cargo. We would be delighted to serve as your chilled transportation provider! Call us today to know more about what we offer!
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3. Expedited Services
4. Intramodal Services

Dry Van Division

Why pick North Trans Logistics when there are so many other dry van shipping solutions available? First of all, the things that consistently convert new consumers into loyal ones are our adaptability, level of customer service, and affordable prices. More than 100 trailers are prepared for use. The objective of North Trans Logistics is to build implicit trust connections with our clients, regardless of the mode of transportation—less-than-truckload, several trucks, one-time transport, or dedicated lanes. It ought to be a burden off your mind as well as one we remove from your dock. Give North Trans Logistics a try for your next dry van travel!

Quick Services

It's certain that calculations will go wrong; thus, if the first shift doesn't deliver your cargo, the plant will shut down. Regretfully, the majority of us are all too acquainted with the hectic, last-minute emergencies that gave origin to our grey hair. Don't add to the danger by giving your cargo to a firm whose stated ability is in doubt when getting on-site and on time is essential. North Trans Logistics will treat your issue as urgent as they have skilled drivers and well-positioned luxury cars to manage your important load.
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Traffic Safety

With GPS tracking installed, all of our vehicles and trailers can actively track location and speed. Thorough monitoring of service hours is also carried out with the use of electronic logging devices. Our drivers are all completely trained. In addition to making sure that their licence and medical records are kept up to date, our Safety Team keeps an eye on them in real time to make sure they're following the national drive time safety limitations. Although being a driver is not an easy life, North Trans Logistic's basic value—that our drivers are our most valuable assets—is reflected in the fact that we have one of the lowest driver turnover rates.

Cross Docking Service

One feature of LTL loads that is frequently disregarded is the necessity of rearranging the trailer after pickups to align the unloading order with the delivery timetable. You can trust North Trans Logistics to handle this. The best part is that this procedure guarantees quicker unloading times while lowering the possibility of handling damage and misdeliveries, all of which improve your reputation with clients. Move with ease.

Temporary Storage

North Trans Logistics provides short-term storage if your load delivery needs to be delayed for any reason. We have storage facilities in different cities in Canada, some of which have climate control

LTL Services

When dedicated service is not necessary, why pay more? For goods that can be integrated with other loads, North Trans Logistics's less-than-truckload service is the ideal option. It's not only economical, but you'll also feel good about yourself for lowering your shipment's carbon imprint. North Trans Logistics offers a wide range of LTL services to meet your demands for short-term storage, cross-docking, and consolidation.

Dot-Certified Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

Every ninety days, every North Trans Logistics truck and trailer undergoes extensive preventative maintenance and inspections, going above and above industry standards. Additionally, every year, our qualified mechanic does a DOT certified check on our whole fleet. The North Trans Logistics maintenance network, in addition to our own heavy-duty diesel shop, reaches every part of our service area, guaranteeing that we have service providers available for every service event

Sanitization of Trailers

Even though mechanical safety is crucial, a safety program cannot be considered complete until COVID-19 public safety measures are implemented. Every new cargo is subject to our caravan washout program, which includes a full inside pressure wash using sanitizing non-chemical soap. An extra precaution to shield your load from potential disease cross-contamination

Services for LTL Consolidation

Nothing is too simple or little about a load! Whether it's a single site or several locations for pickup and delivery, our knowledgeable staff will take care of the logistics.
Rely on us for seamless coordination and reliable delivery, regardless of your shipment's size or complexity.


At North Trans Logistics, we place a high priority on safety. In fact, we think that the strength of our business depends on how dedicated we are to safety, and we have a solid staff of safety experts to help us monitor the organisation. Our main goal is to run our business in a way that ensures everyone returns home safely each and every time, including customers, drivers, other drivers, and office staff.

North Trans Logistics

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Please get in touch with your local North Trans Logistics Regional Account Manager if you are an existing customer. If you're a new client, please phone or email our customer support agents!