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LTL Express

LTL Express

Cross-border LTL Express Service

North Trans Logistics is pleased to announce the development of our innovative pallet programme, which now offers second-day LTL delivery to and from Canadian states, linking the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with the Continental USA. Unbeatable coverage and service standards ensure that your LTL shipments arrive at their destination quickly and affordably.

How Are We Going About It?

Depending on the delivery location, we combine your daily LTL needs with those of our other southbound clients and feed them into one of our two hubs, the domestic Canadian network. One of Canada’s top ten carriers offers you superior LTL service with extensive coverage to thousands of locations. For your northbound requirements back to the GTA, we utilise extra resources in addition to the same terminal network. equipment that is currently in place. We can lower expenses, increase efficiency, and make your life simpler. It’s a market trend that you should think about, and we hope that you will think about working with the knowledgeable staff at North Trans Logistics to find out how easy it is to switch to the dedicated fleet model.

Top Advantages Are:
  • The short handling times and exceptional transit times.
  • North Trans Logistics Cross-border LTL Express provides real-time visibility into every shipment that is offered.
  • Delivered on schedule and with care across the continental United States
  • Extra protection for your freight needs

Give it a try right now to see why our clients adore our Cross-border LTL Express service. The value, coverage, and service are unbeatable.

Please get in touch with your local North Trans Logistics Regional Account Manager if you are an existing customer. If you’re a new client, please phone or email our customer support agents!