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Trailer For Multiple Temperatures

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Trailer For Multiple Temperatures

Want to Transport Goods with Various Temperature Requirements?

Three distinct temperature zones and a range of frozen and fresh product combinations for multi-stop distribution are supported by Canadian Truckload’s Multi-Temp trailers. In California, USA, North Trans Logistics is pleased to provide you with the newest fleet of Multi-Temp refrigerated trailer rentals. North Trans Logistics provides a fleet of single-temperature refrigerated trailers available for your over-the-road or storage needs, ideal for items that only require one temperature setting.

Applications and products including grocery distribution, cold storage, frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, produce, seafood, dairy, cut flowers, and more can be used for our multiple-temperature trailers!
  • Flat Floors
  • Thermo-King Refrigeration Units
  • Bulkheads
  • Air Ride suspension
  • Roll Up Doors
  • All trailers are CARB-compliant! 
  • Side Door with Steps

Applications and items for which our multi-temperature refrigerated trailers are utilised include food service distribution, grocery, fresh and frozen foods, event catering, and more!